The EcoTank®

The EcoTank® is a patent pending, innovative design that provides cost savings, increased safety and efficiency all in a single, easy to move install package.
Rental, Building and Refurbishing options for all your tank needs.



Own your own customizable blade built for farming, construction, snow removal and landscaping. Our adjustable cutting edge allows precise land levelling and snow clearing. Your blade will smoothly float across any terrain with our special design. Our blades can be attached to forklifts, skid steers, telehandlers, tractors and loaders.


Tank Refurbishing

We offer a wide range of services when it comes to refurbishing tanks. From stripping insulation, sand blasting and changing firetubes to restoring everything to exceed all testing and integrity standards. We work with the customer to achieve the perfect product for the job.



The EcoTube is a patent pending new indirect heating system which provides a safer, more reliable and efficient option to heat wellhead fluids.

Although it looks similar to an old style firetube traditionally used in heavy oil, appearance is where the similarity ends.


Tank Manufacturing

We can build all 100-5000 barrel tanks that are completely customizable.
We also offer tank rentals and are proud to build the new EcoTank®.  If you dream it and need it, we can build it for you. 



Leave the coatings to us! Our attention to detail and years of experience and expertise can get your products looking and functioning like new.

We do white mental and brush blasting for exteriors and have your internal tank coating needs covered.

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