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The EcoTank®

The EcoTank® is a patent pending, innovative design that provides cost savings, increased safety and efficiency all in a single, easy to move install package. The EcoTank has many advantages compared to typical tanks. 

It is available in a number of standard sizes, or can be built to your custom requirements if required.

Questions about the EcoTank?



Double wall design includes the vault, manway and heater provides 124% containment. This reduces total cost and environment impact since the containment is not open to the elements or wildlife.

LOW COST TRANSPORT & operating costs

The low profile design eliminates hydraulic cradle trucks, picker trucks and often permits and pilot cars. A winch trailer is all that is required to haul the EcoTank.

High efficiency indirect heater (up to 90%) combined with insulation and an air-filled interstitial space keep heating costs and emissions down.

Safety and efficiency

No containment walls to step over.
Low overall height improves access and reduces risk for operations and maintenance.
Low heat skin temperatures  eliminate tube failures and low-level fluid risks.

The horizontal flow, combined with the indirect heating system allows the EcoTank to perform more like a treater than a wellhead. Each tank is also designed to accommodate vapor recovery.


Suitable for sensitive fluids

The indirect heating system  provides a large surface area, but low peak skin temperatures to make it suitable for light oil, water and oils containing polymer. The skin temperature is controlled by the BMS and can be adjusted by the customer.

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